Our capabilities

Product sizes
  • Foodservice sizes
  • Retail sizes (8oz to 32oz)
  • We stock a wide range of glass sizes, and can easily get custom jars and caps for your project if not in stock
Product types
  • Any hot-fill, low-acid item (max pH is 4.30)
  • Almost anything tomato-based
  • Examples:
    • BBQ sauces
    • Salsas
    • Pasta sauces
    • Fruit preserves
    • Bruschettas
    • Salad dressings (vinegar based)
  • Our minimum is 400 gallons
    • If you have multiple products that are very similar, this can be broken down
    • Smaller batch sizes are possible for additional cost; please ask for details
Cooking capabilities
  • Emulsification (high-speed blending for smooth and/or emulsified items like salad dressings)
  • Oven roasting
  • Fresh ingredient sautéing in a tilt skillet
  • Fresh ingredient prep (dicing, peeling, etc)
Custom recipe creation
  • Recipe creation from scratch
  • Reverse recipe engineering
  • Tweaking your recipe for cost and/or flavor
  • Adapting smaller recipes for larger-scale production
  • We offer full warehousing services for our co-pack customers
  • Longer-term storage, order fulfillment, and order processing
Customer service
  • And, of course, exceptional customer service!
  • Your co-packer should be responsive, accessible, and great at communicating with you at every stage of the co-pack process
  • Let us partner with you to help you grow and be more successful!